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3 Things To Think About When Getting Your RV Repaired In Preparation For A Road Trip


Do you need to have your RV repaired before taking your upcoming road trip? Here are a few things to consider first:

Road Trip Timelines

It's important to figure out exactly when you'll be leaving for your road trip and determine how long it will take you to pack the RV and get it ready for the trip. If you think you will need a week or so to ready your RV for your trip, you'll need to have it repaired at least a week before you are scheduled to get on the road.

And if you can't get the RV repaired in time to pack it up for your trip, you will have to be proactive and pack the RV up before taking it in for repairs so you will be ready for the trip as soon as the repairs are complete.

Either way, you need to think about your road trip timelines well beforehand so you can prepare for your trip accordingly and avoid inconveniences along the way. Talk to your repair technician about your timelines so they can work with you to create a repair plan that meets your scheduling needs.

Overall Performance

It's also a good idea to consider the overall performance of your RV when taking it in to be repaired in preparation for your road trip. If the RV has not been professionally inspected and serviced recently, you should have it done while repairs are being made to make sure that there aren't any underlying problems that you are not aware of. And getting the RV tuned up when you take it in for repairs will help improve the performance of your RV and reduce the likelihood that you will end up breaking down while on your road trip.

Repair Referrals

Even after having your RV tuned up and repaired, you should be able to enjoy your road trip with peace of mind. But there is always a chance that something will go wrong while on the road that requires repairs before the trip can be continued. You should make sure that you know exactly where you can take your RV for repairs during your road trip so you don't waste time and energy trying to figure out what to do if you do end up breaking down.

Using your itinerary, identify RV repair shops that can service your particular RV along your route. Collect the address, phone number, and website address of all the facilities you find so you'll have instant access to their contact information if you need it. And consider giving the facilities a call before you leave for your trip to find out operating hours, service costs, and facility features so you know what to expect from each one.


6 January 2020