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Auto Repair Shops Fix Problems That Occur More Frequently In Hot Weather


Certain types of vehicle malfunctions and breakdowns are more common during hot weather than at other times of the year. Heat causes more wear and tear on certain components. In addition, you might not have prepared your car or truck adequately for this type of weather. Mechanics at auto repair shops are accustomed to seeing these problems more frequently when the mercury rises.


If the alternator is starting to reach the end of its lifespan, putting extra electrical demand on the system will hasten its demise. In the summertime, people commonly travel around with air conditioning running. This requires more energy from the engine driveshaft. In contrast, heating the interior of the vehicle only uses warmth from the engine that would otherwise go to waste. The only electricity required for heat is when someone turns on the fan, which is also often used for air conditioning as well.

This extra energy requirement is in addition to the usual electrical demand for the radio or audio player, along with running lamps, headlights, taillights, and brake lights. That combination can be enough for an old alternator to quit working at some point over the summer.

Air Conditioner

This is the time of year that the air conditioner would need repair work if it no longer functions properly. It might not blow enough cool air no matter what setting it's placed on, or it may quit working entirely.


Hot roads are hard on tires. Having the correct tire pressure is important when driving on hot pavement. Tire pressure increases with warmer temperatures. If the tires become overinflated, the risk of uneven and premature wear is higher.

Underinflated tires have more rubber on the road, which means more wear on a larger surface. They also generate more heat due to rolling resistance and they experience more wear for this reason too.

Engine Overheating

An engine overheating is more common in the summer since the equipment must operate in higher temperatures. The right amount of coolant and water mix is essential for optimum engine temperature, and the level must be kept up to the full line on the reservoir. The owner should check the container at least every few weeks during hot weather and more often if the system uses up or leaks coolant. Even newer vehicles can have a tendency for the engine to use up some coolant over several thousand miles.

Contact an auto repair shop for assistance if any of these problems develop or for routine maintenance that can prevent these issues.


6 January 2020