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Four Crucial Repair Tips For Late Model BMW Owners


BMW ownership can be an exceptional experience, and that doesn't change just because your ultimate driving machine has a few miles under its belt. In addition to their driving dynamics, however, BMWs have earned a reputation as expensive vehicles to own outside of their warranty period. While claims of wildly costly repairs are often exaggerated and many BMWs are very reliable vehicles, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your ownership experience isn't also a drain on your wallet.

Dealership Labor Can Be Pricey

The number one lesson that any German car owner must keep in mind is that dealership labor is often several times more expensive than the alternatives. While there are advantages to building a relationship with your dealership's service department, routine repairs and maintenance are often better handled by independent repair shops. Shopping around for a reliable and reputable shop that specializes in BMWs (or German vehicles in general) can save you money while also ensuring that your car gets the highest quality of service.

Know How To Shop For Parts

If you've ever looked at your bill from a dealership repair, you may have been shocked by the price of parts. Genuine BMW parts are usually expensive, but alternatives exist. OE or OEM parts are produced in the same factory as the original parts and are generally the same as the genuine parts you might buy from the dealership. Buying these alternatives instead of genuine BMW parts can save you money without sacrificing quality or longevity. Note, however, that it is often a bad idea to buy aftermarket parts unless you have done enough research to know what you are getting.

Avoid Deferred Maintenance

Much of the reputation that BMWs have for being pricy to maintain comes from owners that defer routine maintenance. In addition to oil changes, coolant flushes, and brake maintenance, be sure to keep up with the regular inspection found in your owner's manual. It is not necessary to have these inspections performed at a dealership, but a skilled mechanic with BMW experience should always perform them. These inspections can often turn up problems before they become serious, saving you potentially thousands of dollars in repairs.

Be Aware Of Common Problems

Enthusiastic BMW communities exist on the internet for nearly every model, no matter how new or old. Find one of these communities for your car and do some homework. Many owners have compiled detailed lists of common problems, and knowing what it is likely to go wrong on your particular vehicle can help you to spot issues early on. In some cases, preventative maintenance for problematic parts can save you from dealing with a break down in the future.

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6 January 2020