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Keeping Your RV Running Properly With Regular Maintenance


Like any vehicle, your RV needs some attention and maintenance if you want to keep it running and performing at its best. Often people travel in their RV's and having a breakdown while on vacation or while going from one location to another is never a good situation.

Basic Maintenance

Like the engine in your car, the engine in your RV needs regular oil changes and service. If you have an engine that is very low mileage, you may never hit the three thousand mile threshold for an oil change, but that does not mean it should not be completed. 

If you are heading out on the road with your RV, take it in and have the oil and filter changed before your trip. You may also want to have the mechanic check the fluid in the transmission, inspect the tires, check the brakes, and do a complete inspection of the running gear for you. 

A break down out on the road can be very expensive and time-consuming. If you are on vacation with the family, the last thing you need is to break down with your RV and have to spend your vacation time waiting for a repair to your rig.

RV Maintenance

Along with the regular maintenance items on your RV, you need to check over a few specific things if you are planning a trip with your RV. The batteries for the RV need to hold a charge, so check them to verify they are good. Check the refrigerator to ensure it is running, the plumbing and the holding tanks to be sure they are not leaking, and take a look around the inside of the RV to make sure you do not have any leaks inside if it rains.

The functionality of the RV is as important as it's the ability to drive from one place to the next. If the RV has somethings that are not working, the convenience is gone, and you might as well drive to your destination and stay in a hotel while you are there. Check over the entire RV, looking for anything that seems out of place, and correct the problems before you set out on your vacation road trip.

Roadside Emergencies

If you do breakdown along the way, be sure you have some emergency contacts available. Joining an RV club can often get you some roadside assistance insurance that will help should you need a town company to come to help you or have your rig towed off the side of the road.

While the coverage may not pay for long tows, getting you to the closest shop is the critical part. Once there, you can have an RV services tech fix your RV and get you back out on the open road to finish your adventure.


6 January 2020