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Three Best Practices For Fleet Maintenance and Repair


Few jobs are as challenging as servicing a fleet of commercial trucks. Work vehicles experience more wear and tear in an average week than most personal vehicles see in a year. Because they live such a hard life, work trucks often break in interesting, frustrating, and costly ways. Since your work crews rely so heavily on their vehicles, it is crucial to minimize downtime and ensure the longevity of each one. These three tips will help you to develop better fleet maintenance and repair practices to maximize the uptime of your fleet and quickly and efficiently deal with problems as they arise.

Have A Plan In Place

Do your crews know what to do when a work vehicle breaks down? Perhaps the biggest challenge with large-scale fleet maintenance is having an action plan in place to deal with problems quickly. On the management end, contracting with a local tow company to provide a quick response for breakdowns is vital. If you do not handle repairs in-house, then regularly working with a reputable local repair shop should be a crucial part of your plan. When a truck fails, your crews should know who to contact, and those companies should be ready to respond quickly. Getting a broken-down truck off the road and into a garage as soon as possible is the most important thing you can do to prevent a prolonged period of downtime.

Don't Ignore Seemingly Small Repairs

Is one of your drivers reporting an unusual noise, vibration, or some other problem? Diagnosing inconsistent or small problems can sometimes be difficult, but these minor issues tend to be harbingers of more considerable trouble brewing under the surface. Have a system in place so that your drivers and crews can report maintenance issues as they arise and pull trucks down for inspection whenever something might be wrong. Finding the source of small problems and repairing them is often the best way to prevent severe issues and breakdowns in the future.

Keep Detailed Maintenance and Repair Logs

Finally, ensure that each vehicle in your fleet has its own detailed set of logs for both routine maintenance and unscheduled repairs. By keeping track of these details, you can help the repair shops that you work with to more quickly find and fix problems. Deferred maintenance or previous repairs can all be essential clues when trying to track down a difficult-to-find problem, so this simple record-keeping process can potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the lifetime of one of your trucks.

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6 January 2020