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Top Reasons Why Your Car's Air Conditioning May Not Be Working


Reaching your destination during the summer will typically mean keeping your air conditioner (AC) in good shape. This can allow you to remain cool when the weather outside is sweltering hot. However, if you get in your vehicle and your AC isn't working, there's typically a reason for this.

1. Low refrigerant

One of the first things your mechanic may look for is if the refrigerant in your car is low. This is one of the main reasons that your vehicle won't cool down as quickly as you'd like.

The refrigerant may have leaked out over some time, and if this is the case, you'll need to get it replaced. The ideal way to do this is by visiting your local auto shop and having your AC unit checked out thoroughly to help find any issues.

2. Cooling fans not working

If your car has older, you may have several issues that can occur. One of these will include dealing with a faulty cooling fan.

If this part breaks down, you'll want to see about getting it replaced as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you may be forced to drive in a car that doesn't have AC.

3. Compressor bad

The compressor in your vehicle is what works to keep your vehicle fresh. However, if you're not getting any cool air inside of your vehicle, it could be due to this unit going out suddenly.

Keep in mind it may cost a great deal to get this part replaced, and you'll want to talk to your mechanic to get an estimated price before doing so.

4. Electrical problems

One of the more complex issues that may prevent your AC from working as it should is electrical issues. Taking time to find out how well the electrical components in your vehicle are operating is essential.

If your AC stops working and you just put new refrigerant in it and have exhausted many of the other issues, it could be electrical problems.

Working to get the AC fixed in your car as quickly as you can be high on your to-do list. The last thing you'll want to live with is a unit that fails to run as well as it should. This could make getting to where you need to be a long and uncomfortable drive. Visiting your auto shop today can be the ideal way to tackle this issue and get it fixed.

For more information, contact an auto air conditioning service in your area.


6 January 2020