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Reasons Why You May Need To Opt For A Bonded Title For A Vehicle


If you are not familiar with bonded titles, you might not be aware of when you might need to obtain one when it comes to vehicles. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to get the information and paperwork you need. Here are a couple of times in which you might need to obtain bonded titles:

You Bought A Vehicle That Does Not Have A Title

You might have finally convinced yourself to buy a vehicle that was listed with information stating that the current owner does not have the title in hand. In the past, you might not have considered that to be an option, but things are different now. You might have found the perfect vehicle for the perfect price and simply could not pass up on. Don't worry about the title, you can request one of the bonded titles through the state for this type of situation.

The Title You Received For A Vehicle You Purchased Was Not Titled Correctly

If you have purchased a vehicle in the recent past and you are just waiting for the completed title to come in the mail, you might not think that you have anything to worry about. In most cases, you don't. The title will arrive in the mail and everything on it will be perfect. However, it is vital that you still double check all of the information recorded on your newly received title, just to make sure that there are not any errors. If you do find that it was titled incorrectly, you will need to request a bonded title for the corrections to be made. Sure, this will delay you having a completed title in your hands, but as long as you have a bill of sale to prove you legally purchased the vehicle, you should still have your owners card supplied by the state and proof of auto insurance for that vehicle. You won't actually need the physical copy of the title unless you wanted to sell the vehicle right away.

Now that you have a better understanding of when you might need bonded titles, you will want to take action whenever such a need arises. The sooner you make your request for bonded titles for vehicles the better, as it can take a few weeks to receive the bonded title in the mail, depending on the state you are making the request through.


7 January 2020