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Tips For Touching Up Stone Chips On Your Vehicle


Do you have stone chips on the hood of your car that look bad? If so, you're likely wondering about how you can repair these chips to make your vehicle look nice once again. Here are some tips for doing this repair on your own.

Get The Right Color Paint

It starts by making sure that you have the right color paint for your vehicle. You will need to do some research to figure out what kind of paint you have. If you have the original paint color on your vehicle still, then it should be fairly easy. There are several places on your vehicle that may be hiding that paint color code, which you will need to order the exact kind of paint your vehicle. The code may be hidden on the side of a door where it cannot be seen unless the door is open or in your owner's manual. 

If you buy a touch-up kit, it will often come with the other items that you need, such as the clear coat that goes over the paint when you are finished.

Clean The Damaged Area

You'll want to clean the parts of your vehicle that have chipped paint so that the new paint sticks to it properly. Start by washing your car to make sure that all dirt and oils are off the surface. Then give the areas that are damaged some special attention to make sure that the area is thoroughly cleaned. You can do this with some cotton swabs since they are tiny and allow you to easily scrub those areas where the paint is chipped without causing more damage. 

Shake Your Touch-Up Paint

Don't forget to give the tube of touch-up paint a good shake before you start using it. The paint colors may have settled while the paint was not being used, which can cause the paint color to look a bit off after it is applied. Just give the bottle a simple shake to mix it up and you'll be good to go.

Use An Artist Paint Brush

You'll want to use a fine tip artist paintbrush in order to fill in those stone chips. This will help ensure that you are not painting over the other parts of the surface that are not damaged and get into the small areas of the chip that would be hard to paint otherwise. Once the paint dries and it looks good, you will need to cover it with a clear coat to help seal the surface. 

For more information, speak with a professional who provides stone chip repair services


27 April 2020