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Troubleshooting Engine Power Loss Problems


There are many different problems that can cause your engine to lose power. Sometimes, these problems are minor issues, but they could be more serious problems that need to be repaired before the damage gets worse. The following power loss troubleshooting guide will help you determine the repairs your car needs when you get little response when you step on the gas pedal:

Dirty Filters and Bad Fuel Pump Issues

Dirty air filters are a major problem that reduces engine power. This can be solved by changing or cleaning the air filter, but if there is a problem with the air filter, you will probably want to change the oil and fuel filters too. In addition, the problem could be due to a bad fuel pump that needs to be replaced.

Issues With Modern Fuel Injection Systems and Injectors

Today, modern cars use fuel injection systems that can be affected by various problems, such as particles in the fuel. Therefore, you may need to add a treatment to the gas tank to clean the fuel injection system when there is a problem with the loss of power and engine response. Sometimes, the problem may be due to the fuel injectors going bad and needing to be replaced to fix the power loss issue.

Bad Sensors That Cause Problems

Another component of the modern fuel injection system are sensors for the air and fuel mixture. These sensors are sensitive and can sometimes fail, which will affect the fuel mixture and engine response. If you are having problems with power loss that comes and goes at different times, then you may need to have the oxygen sensor or other sensors replaced to solve the problem.

Problems With Bad Fuel and Moisture

Lastly, the problem with your car's engine losing power may be due to bad fuel. This can be the fuel that has particles or moisture, or due to an old fuel deposit. Therefore, one of the solutions that an auto repair service may do to solve the problem is flushing the tank and fuel injection system to clear out the bad fuel before it causes serious damage.

These are some of the problems that you are going to want to check when your engine has a loss of power. If you need help diagnosing and repairing a problem with power loss, contact an auto repair service to ensure you get a response when you step on the gas pedal.


1 June 2020