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3 Reasons To Buy A Truck With A Diesel Engine


Diesel-powered vehicles are becoming more common on today's roadways. The rising popularity of the diesel engine is especially high among pickup truck enthusiasts.

Not all diesel engines are capable of providing the same high level of performance that diesel vehicles are known for offering. If you are thinking of purchasing a new truck in the near future, you will want to ensure that there is a quality diesel engine under the hood.

1. Long Lifespan

Reliability is important when it comes to your vehicle's engine, and the reliability of a quality diesel engine appeals to most drivers.

If you commit to routine maintenance and timely repairs, it's not unreasonable to expect your diesel engine to last. For example, a Duramax diesel engine can perform strongly for up to 350,000 miles. Some drivers even claim to get upwards of 500,000 miles out of their Duramax engines.

The long lifespan of a diesel engine will help you reduce your vehicle costs without sacrificing reliability as your truck ages.

2. Great Fuel Efficiency

Gas prices can have a direct impact on any driver's wallet. Gas prices can fluctuate based on a number of outside factors, so you want your diesel engine to maintain optimal gas mileage over time.  A diesel engine can be very fuel-efficient.

This efficiency is attributed to the amount of power created by the engine itself. Enough energy is generated within a diesel engine to smoothly and easily move the truck in which the engine is installed. The easier it is to keep the truck in motion, the less fuel will be used to perform basic driving tasks.

Access to a diesel-powered pickup truck will help you save money on your basic fuel costs by maximizing your fuel efficiency.

3. Standard Exhaust Brake

The braking system on a pickup truck can take a lot of abuse. Slowing down the weight of the truck, the truck's load and any trailers the truck might be towing can cause a lot of wear and tear on your brakes.

You want a diesel engine that comes equipped with an exhaust brake as a standard feature. This feature can help you extend the life of your truck's braking system.

An exhaust brake helps to harness the power of engine compression to slow your vehicle when you brake on an incline. The use of compression-assisted braking lets a diesel engine contribute to the longevity of your brake pads, lines, and rotors.

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11 June 2020