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Why Should You Repair Your Windshield Before Winter?


Have you noticed the leaves changing outside? Summer is coming to an end, and that means winter isn't far away. If you've been ignoring visible damage to your windshield, then the time has come to repair it. Fixing your windshield before winter arrives has many benefits, and it may even save you money over the long run.

Below you'll find three reasons why a seemingly minor summer problem can turn into a total winter disaster.

1. Temperature Changes Can Destroy Glass

Summer temperatures in most parts of the US tend to be reasonably stable. The nights may be cooler, but many people do not experience wild temperature swings during the warmer months. As fall rolls in, that can all change. Sudden changes in temperature from night to day can be tough on your glass, especially if cracks or chips are already present.

Surprisingly, the glass in your window does expand and contract during temperature changes. Automotive designers plan for these changes, so they are not usually a problem, but any damage can ruin this careful engineering. Expansion and contraction can cause cracks or chips to expand, turning a repairable problem into one that will require you to replace your entire windshield.

2. Ice Can Make Problems Worse

If temperature changes overnight can be enough to cause a crack to spiral out of control, imagine what your car's defroster can do! When ice or frost cover your windshield, it's usually impossible to clear every last bit away before driving off in the morning. In most cases, the solution is simple: turn on your defroster to melt whatever's left.

Unfortunately, your car's defroster will cause the glass to heat up far more rapidly than it would under normal circumstances. You can easily find that a small chip becomes a massive crack by the time your morning commute is over.

3. Salt, Sand, and Debris Can Obscure Problems

Most glass repair shops use two criteria to determine if they can replace a windshield: how large are the individual cracks and how many of them are there? Filling too many chips can compromise the structural integrity of your windshield, which will mean that replacement is the only option left. If you already have unaddressed damage on your windshield, then more impacts over the winter may finish it off.

Since road crews often cover winter roads in salt and sand, it can be challenging to spot new problems. Taking care of your existing issues before your windshield becomes a permanently grimy mess can help to reduce the odds that an unseen impact finishes off your glass for good.

If you have a cracked windshield, call an auto glass repair shop for help.


3 September 2020