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4 Tricks To Keep Your Transmission In Good Shape


Your transmission plays a vital role in keeping your vehicle on the road. If you want to avoid having to completely replace it, you need to know how to treat it and take care of it.

Trick #1: Get a Transmission Flush

It is important to flush your transmission fluid every few years. When you flush your transmission fluid, you are not just filing up the fluid; you are removing all the fluid from the system, flushing new fluid through the system to remove any built-up particles, and then adding new transmission fluid.

You should get a flush if the fluid is a dark color instead of a nice clear reddish-pink color. You should also follow the manufacture recommendation in regards to how many miles or years should pass between transmission flushes. It is common to flush it every two to three years, but you may need to flush it more often in you are a high-mileage driver.

Trick #2: Get A Transmission Inspection

Second, you can keep your transmission in good shape by going in once a year and asking your mechanic to do a general inspection of your vehicle and transmission. This is a great way to spot issues when they are young before they stress out the system.

For example, if you have a small leak, this can be fixed by replacing one of the main seals or replacing the filter and gasket, depending on where the leak is coming from.

There are many small relatively inexpensive repairs, like changing out the gasket and filter, that can prevent further damage to your transmission.

Trick #3: Take Care of Your Engine

If your engine isn't running well, your transmission isn't going to run well. Change the oil in your vehicle on time. If the check engine light comes on, take it your mechanic and have them read the codes and figure out what is wrong with the engine. If an oxygen sensor needs to be replaced, do so right away. Taking care of the engine will help protect your transmission.

Trick #4: Drive Correctly

When you drive, make sure that you are fully stopped before going from drive to reverse. This will help protect the gears from unwanted wear and tear. When you are driving, don't ride the brake pedal; this will put more stress on your transmission.

Take care of your transmission by flushing the fluid and getting all the necessary repairs done in a timely manner. These simple steps will allow you to skip having to rebuild or replace your entire transmission, which can be a time consuming and costly affair.

For more information, contact a transmission repair service. 


29 September 2020