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Nobody wants their car to break down. To keep your vehicle running well, you need to provide it with regular service. Have the oil changed a few times per year, rotate the tires, and check and replace the brakes as needed. A good auto care service will take care of all these maintenance tasks for you. However, you may still want to know more about the processes they follow, when service is needed, and what other types of services may help your car last longer. We've build this website for people like you — responsible car owners who just want to learn more. Enjoy!

What You Should Expect In A Tire Dealer


When you need new tires, you want to be able to get all the tires you need in one place. You don't want to have to wait to get the tread you need to get you safely on the road again, and you don't want to buy any tires that are used or not warrantied. You can expect certain things from a tire dealer, and once you know what to look for, you can gain confidence when choosing tires for your car.

A tire dealer may or may not offer services beyond selling tires. Choose the best tire dealer for your needs by using this guide to assist you.

Quality brands and ample inventory

You should be able to walk into the auto dealer and be able to pick out a full set of quality tires that you like. An ample inventory ensures that you won't have to wait for tires to be ordered in or that you won't have to call around to see if one tire dealer has a single tire you need if only a partial set is available in-house.

Ample inventory with quality brands you know means two other things: price variances so you can shop within your budget, and potential discounts when a tire dealer is overstocked. A specialty tire dealer may only carry certain types of tires, so if you have a common vehicle or basic tire needs, stick to an all-around tire dealer to meet your needs.

Onsite servicing

Some tire dealers also feature some onsite services, such as tire rotation or airing up of tires, or they can change your tires right after you buy a new set. Keep in mind that aligning tires may not be a common service a tire dealer does, as this service is more intensive than other tire-related maintenance. These services can be included in your tire purchase or offered at a discount if you are a repeat customer.

Tire loyalty plans

Since you'll be replacing your tires every six years or so as the tread starts to wear out, you'll want a tire dealer who appreciates your business and rewards your loyalty with discounts or other types of loyalty plans. A tire dealer who can give you kickbacks on your services in some way, from offering seasonal discounts on winter tires to free tire rotation or other services, is one you want to keep going to, particularly if you replace your tires more often than the average person.


28 October 2020