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When To Take Your Car In For Transmission Repairs


If your car's transmission is acting up, you may need to take the car into a transmission shop for an inspection and repair. There are some things that can indicate a problem with the transmission, and work with a shop that specializes in them is the best way to ensure that the work is done right.

Leaking Transmissions

One of the most common problems with the transmission in your car may be a leak from the transmission pan or the cooling lines that run from the transmission to the radiator. Leaking transmission fluid that is not dealt with will eventually cause the fluid level to drop far enough that the pump will not build up pressure in the system. 

Eventually, the level will drop so low that the oil pickup inside the case will not draw fluid into the system, and the transmission will not function properly. Checking the fluid level is essential, and if it is low and you see oil on the ground under the car, you need to have the vehicle checked out at a repair shop. 

While you can add fluid to drive the car to the shop, it is not a good idea to keep filing and driving the vehicle without making repairs, or eventually, the transmission may suffer damage from the perpetual low fluid levels. If the transmission also slips or hesitates when you are trying to go, it may very well be related and should be checked.

Poor Shifting

A transmission that does not shift properly can be a problem, especially if you are in traffic. There are several issues that can cause the system to not shift through the gears properly. Often they are related to the system pressure and can be in the valve body or the oil filter of the transmission. 

If oil can not pass through the filter properly, the pressure in the system will drop, and the transmission will not shift. In some cases, the transmission valve body, the part inside the transmission that controls where the fluid is routed during operation, can become damaged or have a valve that sticks and blocks the flow as well. 

The filter and the valve body are located in the same area, under the transition oil pan, and the tech at the shop can check both parts easily. The filter is an inexpensive swap and is easy to deal with; however, if the valve body is the problem and you need to replace it, it can be expensive.  

Check with the transmission shop as soon as you notice a problem, and they will check it over and then let you know what is wrong and what is required to fix the issue.


22 December 2020