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A Guide for Dealing With Fuel Issues That Cause Severe Power Loss


If your car is having issues with power loss, it can often be a problem with the fuel system. Sometimes, it can be due to particles in the gas tank or other components of the fuel injection system. When these systems fail, your car will need repairs. The following information will help you identify the fuel system problems that cause your car to lose power:

Bad Fuel and Degrading Gas Tanks

The fuels that you fill up with may not be refined enough. There are also issues with the tank degrading, which can cause issues with the fuel system. If you are having problems with power due to bad fuel or debris in your tank, it will need to be flushed. Flushing the tank can often solve many of the performance problems you may have because of bad fuel.  

Failing Fuel Pumps

The fuel pump can also fail and it may need to be replaced. Sometimes, this is a problem due to using bad fuels. This causes particles to get in the tank, and eventually wear out the fuel pump. When this happens, the pump will need to be replaced. In many modern model cars, it can be difficult to get to because it is located inside the tank. This means you will need to take your car to a repair service to have the fuel pump replaced.

Bad Sensors Causing Issues

Another issue with the fuel system that can cause engine power loss is bad sensors. These are oxygen sensors in the air intake system that controls the air and fuel mixture. When they go bad, the engine may burn too rich, which means it has too much gas or lean (too little gas). This can seriously affect the performance and fuel economy of your car. Therefore, the oxygen sensor may need to be replaced when it goes bad.

Problems with Fuel Injectors Failing

The injectors are also parts that can wear out and cause performance problems. Sometimes, they can cause a cylinder to misfire and issues with power loss. If there are bad fuel injectors, they may need to be replaced. You will also want to add fuel injection cleaner to your fuel tank if you had other problems with the fuel system that have been repaired.

The issues with fuel systems are often due to the injectors and the fuel pump. Contact an auto repair service to do diagnostics and fix these issues.


3 February 2021