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Replacing Spark Plugs And Wires To Improve Engine Performance


Vehicle owners understandably become anxious when the engine does not function properly. Perhaps the motor is rough when idling, or it occasionally misfires while traveling on the road. The dashboard's check engine light might turn on. The owner worries that a major expense is looming.

However, a common problem that can cause these symptoms is worn spark plugs. An auto repair shop technician can change these devices and return the engine to good working order.

About Spark Plugs and Wires

Spark plugs deliver electric current from the ignition system to the engine. This ignites the fuel and air in the combustion chamber so the motor starts. Newer vehicles include a coil-on-plug design. Older models use wires to send the spark from the distributor to the plug.

Traditional spark plugs contain a copper central electrode. Higher-end products are made with iridium or platinum instead of copper. The copper versions wear out faster, but vehicle owners who focus on engine performance prefer those devices.

Copper plugs typically must be replaced every 30,000 miles because the metal deteriorates and carbon builds up. The same process happens with the more expensive products, but it takes significantly longer.

Tune-Up Service

A clogged fuel filter or air filter causes the spark plugs to wear out sooner. An auto repair technician may recommend a tune-up service that includes changing those filters as well as the plugs and wires. An inspection under the hood might turn up a worn hose or belt that should be replaced to prevent a breakdown.

The term tune-up has become somewhat of a misnomer. Vehicles manufactured before the mid-1990s had carburetors that sometimes needed adjusting. Technicians also adjusted the ignition timing during these appointments.

Fuel injection systems have replaced carburetors, and the automobile's computer system controls the ignition timing. Today's tune-up replaces worn parts since adjustment is not possible.

Although the terminology is outdated, automotive technicians often refer to the service this way, using the traditional language. They know that many vehicle owners still call this routine maintenance a tune-up. In addition, people who drive older cars and pickup trucks still need the classic adjustment service.

Concluding Thoughts

Replacing spark plugs and wires is a relatively easy project, but most automobile owners would rather have a skilled technician do the work. It's an affordable service since so little labor is required. If they want the extra maintenance work completed, they may request this as well. These people can schedule an appointment with an auto repair shop at their earliest convenience. 

To learn more, contact a local auto repair shop today.


13 April 2021