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Dent Removal And The Original Paint


No matter how well a vehicle owner takes care of their vehicle, it can suffer damage that leads to the body of it looking unappealing. For instance, even the most minor collision can leave the body of a vehicle with a large dent in it. There is also the possibility of dents getting in the body due to stormy weather, such as hail or strong wind causing rocks and debris to administer damage. The problem with dents is that removing them often leads to the original paint having to be replaced in the area of the repair. Fortunately, there is also the option of getting dents removed without the need for paint being replaced, as you will learn in the remainder of this article.

Why Painting Over Dents Isn't Ideal

Keeping the original paint on a vehicle can be highly valuable when it comes to reselling, especially when it becomes a classic. If you happen to get a dent removed and different paint is applied to the body, it can decrease the value, even if the rest of the vehicle still has the original paint. You might also end up with a paint job that is uneven due to the original color of the paint no longer being sold, or you would have to get it customized. Rather than worrying about the paint when dents are removed, the task can be done while maintaining the original paint. The original paint should still look appealing after the dents have been removed from the body of your vehicle.

The Paintless Dent Removal Process

Although the paintless dent removal process can be slightly different for various mechanics, it is typically carried out the same way. For example, before the dents are removed from the body of the vehicle, there will likely be a thorough inspection performed to ensure that paintless removal is ideal. Depending on the size and location of the dents, a professional might suggest a different method of removal. Paintless dent removal involves the use of special tools and the right skills for manipulating the outer edge of each dent. Upon completion of the process, the area where the dents were located should be level, with little to no signs that a dent was ever present in the body.

The Cost and Time for Dent Removal

The size and number of dents being removed affects the overall price for removing them. Removing a small dent can cost under a hundred dollars, but it depends on which shop your vehicle is taken to. The overall time to remove dents can take up to a few hours, but vehicle owners can usually expect to have their vehicle back in a speedy amount of time. The workload of the shop will affect how fast the work is performed as well.

To learn more, contact a local paintless dent removal service.


23 April 2021