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5 Benefits Of Mobile RV Repair


No one wants to deal with an RV breakdown, but sometimes issues are unavoidable. Fortunately, mobile repair services are available and they can take a lot of stress out of your necessary repair.

1. Get Help on the Road

A breakdown in a strange place or on the side of the road can be very stressful when traveling. Trying to find a shop and get an RV there in an unfamiliar city can be even more trying, particularly if the RV is having issues that make moving it difficult. A mobile service provider can perform some repairs right on the side of the road, such as tire repairs or minor engine adjustments. More in-depth services can be done in a nearby parking lot or rest stop, if necessary.

2. Stay In the RV During Work

Another hassle when minor repairs are needed while you are on a trip is that you likely can't stay in the RV while it is in the shop due to shop insurance policies. A mobile service can come out to your campsite, where you will still be able to spend nights camping in the RV. This is a convenience that will save you money since you won't have to relocate to a hotel while work is being done. 

3. Avoid Expensive Tows

Towing any type of vehicle is costly, but an RV tow can be especially expensive. Special heavy-duty tow trucks are often needed. Larger RVs, such as Class A motorhomes, may need tow trucks designed for hauling buses and semi-trucks. These specialty tows are very expensive, especially once you figure in the distance to the nearest shop. While mobile repair services tend to cost a bit more than in-shop services, the savings on skipping the tow can still be greater than the increased repair expense.

4. Choose Convenient Timing

Convenience can be an issue even if you aren't currently camping in the RV. You may need to take off from work to move the RV, schedule towing, or make multiple visits to the shop for a consultation. With mobile services, you can bring the repair technician out to you at a time that is most convenient to your schedule. 

5.  Always Be Prepared

Finding a mechanic when on the road can be a challenge. There are RV service plans available that plug you into a network of mobile mechanics, which means you can find service, no matter where your travels take you with a single phone call. If there are no mechanics in the city you are visiting, a mobile mechanic from a nearby city can come out to do the work.

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9 September 2021