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3 Reasons To Replace Your Old Pickup's Engine


Maybe you have heard about people replacing their pickups' engines and never thought you'd have to face that decision. But if you have a truck that's generally fine to drive but costing you a lot in engine repair appointments, it may be time to replace the engine. There are plenty of reasons to replace your truck's engine, and when you do so, you can see about upgrading the engine to a performance version, such as a Cummins 6.7 engine. You should be able to save money and time while also improving your pickup's performance.

New—and Even Used—Vehicle Costs Have Jumped Considerably

If your old truck was wonderful but is now having engine issues, you might think buying a new truck is the way to go. However, vehicle costs for both new and used trucks have skyrocketed and may not fall, at least for a while. It may be simply easier to get a new engine for the truck you have now, not to mention that a lone engine will be cheaper than buying an entire truck.

Rebuilding an Engine Isn't Always Cheaper

Sometimes the advice for dealing with an older engine that constantly needs work is to rebuild the thing. The engine is essentially reconstructed but is still the original engine from the truck. However, rebuilding isn't always cheaper; sometimes it can cost the same as a new engine or even more. Parts might not be available, too. In those cases, replacing the engine is the best path. You'll get one that is in great shape and that can keep your truck running for several years.

It's Another Possible Way to Increase the Value of the Truck

You're never guaranteed to sell a pickup over its Blue Book value, even now when used trucks can go for a premium price from dealers. However, replacing a much older engine can potentially increase the truck's value. That can help you if you plan to sell it privately later. A new engine, especially a performance engine from a brand like Cummins, means that your truck will not need nearly as much work done on it in the next few years as you'd expect from an older pickup. That's a great selling point in itself.

Speak with your mechanic about replacing the engine, what it would cost, and what types your truck can take. Once the work is done, you'll have many years ahead of you with that truck that's been so helpful and fun to drive.


9 November 2021