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Do You Still Need Roadside Assistance if You Drive a Reliable Car?


When you picture roadside assistance services, do you imagine drivers in old beaters stuck on the side of the road as their cars finally give up? While these roadside emergencies certainly qualify for a call for help, they aren't the only situations where you might need a little assistance on the road. Driving a brand new, reliable vehicle doesn't mean you should ignore the benefits of roadside assistance plans.

If you're on the fence, consider these three scenarios that can strike any vehicle, no matter how new, reliable, or well-maintained.

1. Sudden Tire Failures

Ignoring your old, worn-out tires can reduce your car's performance and increase your risk of catastrophic tire failure. But, what if you're careful about tire maintenance and check your tires often enough to spot early signs of trouble? Routine tire maintenance can help you avoid preventable failures, but it doesn't mean you won't face roadside hazards.

Tires can fail due to sudden impacts, such as hitting a pothole or an object on the road. Glass or other small pieces of debris can also create leaks, leaving you stuck in a parking lot with a flat tire. In these situations, roadside assistance can help you safely reach a tire shop without forcing you to drive an unsafe vehicle or potentially cause more damage to your tire.

2. Vehicle Lockouts

Lockouts were more of a problem with older vehicles, but they can still occur in modern cars. Radio-based keyless entry systems make it challenging to lock your keys in a car accident, but these systems are still only standard on higher-end cars. Even on these vehicles, it's often possible to unintentionally bypass these protections or find yourself locked out if your fob's battery unexpectedly dies.

Calling for roadside assistance is a great way to get back into your vehicle without paying the potentially exorbitant costs charged by emergency locksmiths. You'll also have the best chance of getting back into your car without causing any damage in the process.

3. Traction Problems

Even the most capable vehicles can get stuck on snowy days, especially when conditions suddenly become slippery and the plows haven't arrived. Getting stuck on the side of the road with no traction can be equally frightening and frustrating. Roadside assistance programs can help get you on your way, often much more quickly than contacting a towing company directly.

These are just a few of the non-mechanical problems you may find yourself facing in day-to-day driving. Roadside assistance programs provide cheap insurance against these and many other potentially costly and time-consuming emergencies. Contact services like Richard's Towing & Junk Cars to learn more. 


7 December 2021