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Nobody wants their car to break down. To keep your vehicle running well, you need to provide it with regular service. Have the oil changed a few times per year, rotate the tires, and check and replace the brakes as needed. A good auto care service will take care of all these maintenance tasks for you. However, you may still want to know more about the processes they follow, when service is needed, and what other types of services may help your car last longer. We've build this website for people like you — responsible car owners who just want to learn more. Enjoy!

How To Clean And Care For Your Custom Wheels


Custom auto wheels are an effective way to give yourself a more impressive ride and make your car look more distinct. However, for your custom wheels to look their best, you'll need to make sure that you detail them regularly so that they will look great.

Use the Right Product to Wash Your Wheels

Make sure to wash the wheels with a product that will not damage the finish. The solution needs to not be too acidic or you will damage your wheels. You might also need to dilute the solution so that the cleaning solution does not damage them. With certain types of custom wheels, you can simply use soap and water.

Don't Use a Stiff Brush

While you are washing your wheels, make sure to not use a stiff brush or any tool that is abrasive. Otherwise, you will damage the wheels. Regardless of how stubborn the grime is, the correct cleaner will remove the grime from your custom wheels. A microfiber cloth will not damage your wheels.

Ask for Advice from the Auto Service That Installed Your Custom Wheels 

When you are having your custom car wheels installed, talk to the auto service about how you should care for them. The auto service will be more familiar with the materials that the wheel is made out of and will be able to advise you on how to clean your custom wheels without damaging the custom wheels. For example, they will explain the right type of cleaner you should use.

Don't Wash Your Wheels While They're Warm

When you do wash your wheels, you'll want to make sure that they are not warm while you do so. For example, you will not want to wash your wheels while your car was out in the hot sun. Cool water applied to a hot wheel will create permanent water spots. Then, you will need to have your wheels refinished before you will be able to restore them to their original beauty.

Don't Allow Brake Dust to Accumulate

Pay close attention to brake dust and make sure that it doesn't build up over time. If your wheels have too much brake dust, this can cause the wheels to become tarnished and you will not be able to remove the tarnish. While custom wheels can require extra work to keep them in great condition, it's worth it when your car finally looks exactly how you want it to.


11 April 2022