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Signs You May Need Windshield Washer Tank Replacement


Your windshield washer tank holds your windshield washer fluid. When you press the button or lever that activates the fluid, you expect the fluid to come spraying out. But, there are many reasons why fluid may not come out, including the fluid being gone, the fluid being frozen or you need a new windshield washer tank. You may find yourself in need of a windshield washer tank replacement, as the tank can crack due to age or freezing fluids. Here are a few of the signs that you may need to visit an auto repair shop for windshield washer tank replacement. 

You Regularly Have to Replace the Fluid In the Washer Tank

You should not have to replace the fluid in your windshield washer tank often. Even if you use the fluid regularly, you should not find yourself having to replace it more than once a year. If you find that your tank is regularly low and you have to fill up the reservoir tank often, you likely have a leak in the tank itself or in the hoses that carry the fluid to your windshield. This is a sign that an auto repair is needed. 

You Notice a Puddle of Fluid Under Your Car

The windshield wiper fluid is blue. As such, if your windshield wiper tank has a large crack in it, you may notice a puddle of blue fluid near the top center portion of your vehicle. It is important to note that some aftermarket windshield wiper fluid is pink. As such, you may notice a pink leak if you use pink fluid in your vehicle. When you see this puddle of fluid under your car, an auto repair is needed. 

The Fluid is Not Being Sprayed at All or Not Being Sprayed Correctly

Lastly, if your windshield washer tank needs to be replaced, the fluid may not spray at all or may not spray properly on your windshield. Fluid may come out one side but not the other or there may not be enough spray to douse the entire windshield. If you notice this issue, and you are sure you recently filled up the tank, an auto repair is needed to replace your windshield washer tank. 

If you notice one or more of these signs, your windshield washer tank may need to be replaced. This is not a task that the average person should complete on their own. Your tank is usually placed closely between other parts, making it hard to remove. You can damage other parts, including wires or belts, that can cause other car problems. As such, you should reach out to your preferred auto repair shop when you need windshield washer tank replacement. 

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15 December 2022