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Nobody wants their car to break down. To keep your vehicle running well, you need to provide it with regular service. Have the oil changed a few times per year, rotate the tires, and check and replace the brakes as needed. A good auto care service will take care of all these maintenance tasks for you. However, you may still want to know more about the processes they follow, when service is needed, and what other types of services may help your car last longer. We've build this website for people like you — responsible car owners who just want to learn more. Enjoy!

Synthetic Oil Is More Convenient And Better For Your Car Than Conventional Oil


If you rent a car, you might discover that a check oil indicator has turned on. If you contact the car rental service, they might inform you that the check oil indicator is not actually a problem because they use synthetic oil that lasts a long time and doesn't need to be changed as often. After hearing this, you might wonder if you should start using synthetic oil for your personal vehicle.

How Synthetic Oil is Made

Synthetic oil is made out of chemicals created artificially. Manufacturers take petroleum components and chemically modify them. Synthetic oil also has various types of additives mixed in.

Synthetic Oil is Worth the Price

Many motorists do not use synthetic oil because they cost more. However, synthetic oil might be more convenient than conventional oil. Your synthetic oil will last longer and can also be better for your car. The synthetic oil flows faster and this causes it to place less strain on your vehicle.

Protect Your Engine

Both synthetic and conventional oil are able to lubricate and protect your vehicle. However, synthetic oil is also less likely to acidify your vehicle and cause corrosion. Because this type of oil is more chemically stable, it takes longer to break down and you will not have to change your oil as often. 

Change Your Oil Less Often

How frequently you will need to change your synthetic oil depends on the type of brand you use. Also, your driving habits will affect how often you will need to change your synthetic oil. The more you drive your vehicle and how fast you drive can affect how often you need to replace it. If you are often commuting on a highway, you will need to replace your synthetic oil more often. 

If your car has a higher temperature for whatever reason, conventional oil breaks down faster while synthetic oil is better able to withstand higher temperatures and will last longer under these conditions.

Talk to an Oil Change Service

If you are thinking of switching to synthetic oil, take your car to an oil change service and bring up the idea. Some oil change services already offer synthetic oil as an option and will explain the different types of oil that can be used in your car and the pros and cons of each. 

For more information on oil changes, contact a company like Flynn's Tire and Auto Service.


7 February 2023