Do Your Spark Plugs Need Repair or Replacement?


Having good spark plugs in your vehicle helps your engine be more reliable because they are what provide the spark that helps ignite the mixture of air and fuel for it to run. Here are some signs that those spark plugs are in need of repair or replacement. Rough Idling Pay attention to how your car behaves when the vehicle has started and you are at a complete standstill. If your vehicle's RPM meter is going up and down, this is a sign that your engine is misfiring and could be due to bad spark plugs.

30 March 2021

Signs That Your Car Is Due For A Professional Brake Repair


Many people focus on making their vehicles drive smoothly but often forget that stopping the vehicle is equally crucial. The braking system is probably the most crucial aspect of your car. It can make a significant difference in a potential road accident. Because of that, you should never ignore your brake maintenance needs.  Failure to maintain the brakes reduces its efficiency, posing serious risks when driving. Apart from servicing, learn the signs of a faulty brake system that require repair or replacement.

17 March 2021

Slipping Isn't The Only Sign Of A Failing Clutch


If you drive a manual transmission vehicle, you know the most dreaded symptom of a failing clutch: slipping! Slipping occurs when the clutch fails to grab the flywheel, and it can have several severe impacts on drivability. Most people notice their clutch slipping when trying to accelerate in a higher gear, but it can also make your car more difficult to get moving from a stop. While slipping is undoubtedly bad news, it's not the only sign that your clutch may be heading for trouble.

9 March 2021

Signs That Could Indicate A Low Transmission Fluid Level


The first indication of a transmission fluid leak might be telltale spots on the garage floor or driveway. The first sign also could be performance symptoms indicating the fluid level is low. Technicians providing diagnostic and repair services for auto transmissions confirm whether this major component actually is leaking. Sometimes stains on concrete are from a different component, and transmission symptoms could be related to another problem. Manufacturers have produced a number of vehicle models without a transmission dipstick.

1 March 2021

Determining Why Your Car's Engine Will Not Start


There are many reasons that a car won't start, and often they are related to fuel or spark but determining what is going on can be complicated on newer cars. If your vehicle has an ECU (engine control unit) that controls the fuel and spark, your vehicle needs to go to a car repair shop that can scan the computer and check all the parts that could be causing it not to start.

23 February 2021

Tips For Getting Auto Repair Service


Getting auto repair service will carry your vehicle throughout the next few years without taking it off the road or having it become unusable. There are some consistent automotive repairs you should keep in mind if you are hoping to manage the care of your vehicle. Here is what you need to know about getting the best auto repair service. What kind of auto repair services are you seeking? Before you begin spending money to get your vehicle fixed, you should start with an inspection to get to the root of the problem.

12 February 2021

A Guide for Dealing With Fuel Issues That Cause Severe Power Loss


If your car is having issues with power loss, it can often be a problem with the fuel system. Sometimes, it can be due to particles in the gas tank or other components of the fuel injection system. When these systems fail, your car will need repairs. The following information will help you identify the fuel system problems that cause your car to lose power: Bad Fuel and Degrading Gas Tanks

3 February 2021