Why Do Old Cars Leak So Much?


It's a common trope in media of all kinds: the old car sitting in front of a house, leaking a toxic medley of fluids onto the driveway. Unfortunately, this trope has a strong basis in reality. Anyone who has owned a car outside of its warranty period knows that many vehicles tend to develop leaks as they age. Loss of coolant, oil, or other fluids can be an inconvenience that ultimately leads to costly repairs.

9 October 2020

4 Tricks To Keep Your Transmission In Good Shape


Your transmission plays a vital role in keeping your vehicle on the road. If you want to avoid having to completely replace it, you need to know how to treat it and take care of it. Trick #1: Get a Transmission Flush It is important to flush your transmission fluid every few years. When you flush your transmission fluid, you are not just filing up the fluid; you are removing all the fluid from the system, flushing new fluid through the system to remove any built-up particles, and then adding new transmission fluid.

29 September 2020

What You Should Expect During Routine Brake Inspection


Cars usually develop various mechanical problems over time. One of the critical systems that can pose a grave danger to the motorist when damaged is the braking system. Some common signs that indicate a flaw with your brakes include the brake light blinking on the dashboard, strange noises whey you brake, leaking fluid, or vibrations when braking. Fortunately, brake servicing will help solve these issues. However, you should take your car in for a brake inspection regularly to ensure they are in good shape.

22 September 2020

2 Mistakes To Avoid When Your Car Overheats While Driving Down The Road


While traveling down the highway, you may have noticed that your car started to sputter and eventually let off a lot of steam that came rolling out from under the hood. After pulling over onto the shoulder, you may have then turned off your vehicle and noticed that the temperature gauge is abnormally high and/or the radiator coolant level is dangerously low. To get yourself back on the road, you may decide to try a couple of things, such as refilling the coolant or even trying to repair the radiator leak.

11 September 2020

Why Should You Repair Your Windshield Before Winter?


Have you noticed the leaves changing outside? Summer is coming to an end, and that means winter isn't far away. If you've been ignoring visible damage to your windshield, then the time has come to repair it. Fixing your windshield before winter arrives has many benefits, and it may even save you money over the long run. Below you'll find three reasons why a seemingly minor summer problem can turn into a total winter disaster.

3 September 2020

When Your Car Won't Start, Here's How To Tell Whether The Battery Or The Alternator Is At Fault


When your car's not starting, it can be difficult to determine whether the problem is with the battery or with the alternator. Your battery needs to be charged in order to start your car, and failing batteries often can't hold enough charge. Likewise, a failing alternator can't keep a battery at full charge. How do you know which one is behind your car's electrical problems? Read on to find out how to narrow down the cause.

25 August 2020

Why Is Thick Smoking Coming Out From Your Tailpipe?


Have noticed that smoke is coming out of your vehicle's tailpipe and you are unsure why? If so, it helps to know why your vehicle has this problem so you can diagnose it. Your Vehicle Has Too Much Oil Did you recently add oil to your vehicle and notice that the car is producing more smoke from the tailpipe soon after? It is worth checking the oil to make sure that you did not overfill it.

17 August 2020