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Nobody wants their car to break down. To keep your vehicle running well, you need to provide it with regular service. Have the oil changed a few times per year, rotate the tires, and check and replace the brakes as needed. A good auto care service will take care of all these maintenance tasks for you. However, you may still want to know more about the processes they follow, when service is needed, and what other types of services may help your car last longer. We've build this website for people like you — responsible car owners who just want to learn more. Enjoy!

The Check Engine Light Is On — Now What?


If this is your first time having to deal with potentially needing a vehicle worked on, it can be very intimidating to start out. You've heard all kinds of things about auto repair services. It's possible that the tone has been somewhat negative, from time to time, which is probably not helping you figure out the next steps you need to take.

The first thing to do is to find a local auto parts store that loans tools. Many of them will loan a code reader for your car. Depending on who is working at that particular location on that particular day, they may be willing to show you how to plug it in. It's a fairly simple operation, though, and a quick visit to some internet videos should help you out if you're left on your own.

The code reader will give you a code. Look the code up. With any luck, it's something minor — maybe even something you can do yourself, depending on how much you know about vehicles.

The next step, if the task is beyond your abilities, is to find a nearby auto repair service. Now, again, you've probably heard things (both bad and good) about the shops in your area. Here's the truth: just about every place you can pick has likely had at least one unhappy customer. Vehicle repairs are expensive, so people tend to have high emotions about them, and if they feel like they paid too much, they're likely to be upset about a place even if the work was excellent.

Sometimes shops make mistakes, but other times, there are some people who just can't be pleased. Look at reviews, but please take them with a grain of salt when you do.

Some places just take you as you come, but for some places, you can call and schedule your repair. If you can give them the codes, they may even be able to estimate a time frame for the work that needs to be done, which will help you plan out how long you're going to be without a vehicle. For some repairs, you can wait in the lobby while they work on your vehicle, while other repairs may take several days, so you may need to rent a car, borrow one, or arrange rides to and from work or the store.

While many places can give you a rough estimate of the cost of repairing your vehicle, the final total will not be available until your vehicle is repaired. Most places will offer some kind of guarantee of their work, and sometimes the parts will also be guaranteed, so make sure to ask about the details on that.

To learn more, contact an auto repair shop.


28 July 2020