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Servicing Your RV Before You Hit The Road


When you are getting ready to take your RV on a trip or use it for a weekend getaway, it is essential to make sure that everything is working correctly. RV services are similar in a lot of ways to regular vehicle services, but there are some other things your RV may need that you need to check as well. 

Basic Service

When you take your RV into the service center, the technician will go over the engine, transmission, and drive train to ensure everything is working correctly and in good condition. The RV services tech can change the oil, check the fluid levels, and perform all the RV's basic service needs to ensure it is in good condition. Along with those essential services, some specific things also need checking before you take your RV on a trip and plan to use the features in the RV along the way. Something as simple as a bathroom that is not working or a furnace that stops working inside the unit can become a significant issue if you depend on them. 

Tires and Brakes

RV's are extremely heavy, and the tires on the unit must be in good shape to carry the weight of the vehicle as it travels over roads of varying conditions. The RV services tech should check all the tires and inspect the wheels to ensure that they are going to support the tires properly. While a flat tire is a problem when your RV's parked, a tire failure on the road could be catastrophic and cause an accident that damages the RV, injures the passengers, and potentially impacts other drivers on the road near you.

Like the tires, the brakes on the RV are critical to safe travel. If the brakes get worn badly, the driver may have trouble stopping the RV in an emergency. A failure of the brakes can lead to a collision or an inability to control the RV in the event of an emergency. A simple inspection of the brake system can reveal issues that need addressing to avoid problems before they happen. The tech working on your RV will discuss potential issues with you and what steps need you need to take to ensure that the unit is safe to drive.

RV Systems

Every RV has systems that also need to be checked from time to time. The technician should check the plumbing and holding tanks, the heating and air conditioning systems, and the gas appliances, lines, and tanks before heading out on a trip. 

Any RV service center can do these inspections and checks for you, but find one you are comfortable with and close to you. 


20 January 2021