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Don't Ignore These Noises! 4 Sounds That Indicate You Need Auto Repair Services


Cars produce different sounds on the road, depending on their make and other factors. After driving your car for a while, you might get used to how it feels and sounds on the road. Therefore, you will likely notice when it starts making unusual noises. 

Unfortunately, some people ignore these squealing and grinding noises until their vehicle experiences a severe issue. However, it is best to take your car to an auto repair professional when you notice unusual noises, as they may indicate something is wrong. Here are four car noises you should never ignore.

Grinding When Driving or Idling

Various elements could cause grinding noises in your car. For example, when your car is moving or idle, a grinding noise means the bearings are worn out. However, grinding noises only when shifting gears might indicate wearing out of your car clutch.

You could also hear grinding sounds when you brake or negotiate a corner. These are signs of worn-out brake pads or an issue with the CV joint. So, take your car to the mechanic when you hear grinding noises to find out the exact issue and how to fix it.

Squealing From Different Areas 

Squealing noises can be annoying and are usually never a good sign. You likely hear squealing noises from your hood when the serpentine belt is loose or worn out. Ignoring it is not advisable as it controls most engine functions and accessories. You might also hear squealing noises from your car when the brake pedal needs replacement or when your steering system is not okay.

Knocking When on the Road

The most common cause of knocking sounds is problems with the ignition system. These issues occur when fuel ignites in one or more engine cylinders simultaneously. Poor timing, damaged knock sensors, and lean air-fuel mixtures are some of the common reasons the fuel might ignite. 

However, a simple mistake of filling your engine with the wrong octane rating could also cause the knocking sounds. It is best to get a professional to analyze the problem, as they can quickly identify the source of the problem and fix it.

Loud Banging Out of Nowhere

Once your car produces a loud bang that almost sounds like fireworks, it means there is a backfire. Backfires result from fuel escaping the combustion chamber without burning and burns in the exhaust. If you don't want your vehicle to be completely damaged, avoid driving it when there is a backfire. Instead, get it towed to an auto repair shop for fixing.

The unusual sounds you hear from your car could be from various issues. Unfortunately, identifying the exact problem is not easy if you are not a professional. For this reason, consider calling in car repair experts to examine your motor and fix it once you hear weird noises.


11 February 2022