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Signs Your Vehicle's Brakes Are In Need Of Repair


As a vehicle owner, you need to be diligent in obtaining repair work for parts and systems that are not up to par. If you do not seek repair work when your brakes deteriorate, your brakes can fail, leading to the potential for a vehicular accident. Here are signs that indicate it is best to contact an auto repair shop for a brake evaluation.

A Squealing Or Squeaking Sound When You Try To Stop

When your brake pads become thin, they do not provide enough cushioning for the brakes when you press the pedal in your vehicle. The brakes will press against the pads but cause a squeaking or squealing sound as you perform the action. This is usually the first indication for a vehicle driver to alert them their brakes are soon going to need to be replaced. If you continue to drive your car without having the brakes replaced, the squealing or squeaking sound will likely worsen in intensity.

Your Vehicle Takes Longer To Come To A Complete Stop

When brakes start to deteriorate, they do not work as quickly as they do when they are newly installed in a vehicle. You may find that when you press down on your brake pedal, the vehicle slows down but does not come to an abrupt stop as it did in the past. You may have to press down harder on the pedal to get the vehicle to come to a complete stop. This is usually a tell-tale sign that your brakes or brake pads are in need of replacement.

A Grinding Sound Occurs When You Try To Come To A Stop

In addition to squeaking or squealing, a grinding sound is another indicator that your brakes are in need of immediate repair. This is a gravely sound that happens when you press down your brake pedal. This type of sound usually means that your brake pads are completely worn and that your brakes are in need of replacement right away. The brakes press against the rotors in your wheels. If the brakes are worn, they will cut into the rotors and cause them to become damaged. When this happens, grinding is usually the sign. Your rotors will need to be recut or replaced before the brakes and pads can be replaced. At the first signs of grinding, head to an auto repair service for an immediate evaluation. You may then avoid a complete rotor replacement.

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2 August 2022